An innovative plant growth promoter for organic and traditional farming

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For which purpose is ALBIT used?

Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

Albit is a modern innovative biostimulant of biological origin, its purpose: increase of plant resistance to drought and to other unfavorable climatic conditions (stresses), neutralization of stress effect of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, increase of seed germination, decrease of period of crop formation, increase of crop yield (by 530% depending on crop), improvement of crop quality (increases gluten content in wheat by 0.55.1%), immunization of plant against a wide range of diseases (root rots, Septoria leaf spot, brown rust, mildew, net blotch, bacteriosis, root and stem rots etc.).

The main ways of using Albit are:

In details, the main functions of Albit are described in following chapters:

Yield increase
Control of diseases
Decrease of chemical pesticides consumption
Increase of resistance to drought and other adverse environmental factors
Complex fertilizer
Bioremediation of oil-polluted soils
Increased fertility and healthier soils


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