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Materials used in this chapter were published in the book Biostimulant Albit for increasing yields and protection of agricultures against diseases, A.K. Zlotnikov, Ed. Prof. . Melkumova. All-Russia Institute of Plant Protection, Russia, 2006.

Influence of Albit on rice was examined in field trials of All-Russia Institute of Biological Plant Protection and All-Russia Institute of Rice (on varietesSolyaris, Don-1500, Novator, SerpantinandFontan)and other institutes and farms.

Fig.1. Albit increases field germination of rice (Adana, Turkish, 2016)

Fig. 2. Root system of rice after Albit treatment (right) (Adana, Turkish, 2016)

These trials demonstrated high efficiency of presowing seed treatment (50 mL/t) (Fig. 3). Effectiveness of foliar sprayings of rice with Albit has not been studied yet.

Fig. 3. Effect of Albit on growth and development of rice in field trial (VNIIR, 2014). The maximal efficacy was observed in variant with seed treatment with Albit in application rate 100 mL/t (yield increase was 0.9 t/ha vs. control, 12,7%).

According to results of trials, Albit increases yield of rice by 2.3-11.2 centners/hectare (6.5 centners/hectare or 12.9% over control on average). Each liter of Albit provides additional yield on average 48.7 tons of rice. One liter of Albit is enough for treatment of 66.7 hectare.

Method of application. On rice 1-fold pre-sowing seed treatment (50 mL/t, application rate of working solution 15 L/t) is recommended.

Against phytotoxic effect of herbicides, application rate of Albit may be increased up to 100 mL/t. Additional foliar spraying with Albit (as antidote, 40 mL/ha) may be conducted in tank mixture with herbicide. Also Albit increases germination, activates growth and development, increases resistance to unfavorable climate conditions, increases yield, improves yield quality (Fig. 1, 2). Our product also increases resistance to diseases.

Stimulation of vegetative growth due to Albit can be seen at the earliest stages of development (germs). Albit increases germination of seeds by 5-8% and germination power by 7-9%. Roots becomes longer by 3.9 cm on average. Stimulation of rootage development due to Albit intensifies mineral uptake of plants under conditions of flood, when many nutrients are presented in hardly assimilable reduced form. Further accelerated development of biomass manifested in increase of tillering coefficient by 0.7 and stem density by 5.1-8.2%. Mechanisms of yield increase include increase of panicle length by 1.02-1.1 cm, weight of 1000 seeds by 0.4-1.46 g., number of seeds in one panicle averagely by 4.3, weight of seeds from the main panicle by 0.16-0.62 g.

Biological effectiveness of presowing treatment of rice with Albit against root rots that arise in flood conditions is 69-77%. Fungicidal activity of Albit against this disease is observed at disease prevalence of 6-10% and disease development of 22.4%.

In the following Table, you can see all reports on performance of Albit on rice, available in English. For all available reports, please see corresponding table on Russian webpage.




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