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French bean

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Materials used in this chapter were published in the book Biostimulant Albit for increasing yields and protection of agricultures against diseases, A.K. Zlotnikov, Ed. Prof. . Melkumova. All-Russia Institute of Plant Protection, Russia, 2006.

Influence of Albit on kidney beans was examined in 2 field trials conducted in Moscow oblast. Trials were carried out in 2001 and 2003 on kidney bean varieties Minutka and Sekunda by All-Russia Institute of Vegetable Selection and Seed Breeding. Averagely, according to results of the trials, treatment with Albit increased yield of kidney beans by 4.5 centners/hectare (16.3%) and increased germination of seeds. In conducted field trials economical or biological effectiveness of Albit was not inferior to that of pesticides based on epibrassinolide.

In case of kidney beans it is recommended to perform presowing seed treatment and foliar spraying with Albit in budding stage accordingly to general application recommendations for legumes. Application rates of the biostimulant are 50 ml/tonne and 30-40 ml/hectare.

Application of Albit on other kinds and varieties of beans also seems to be promising.


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