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Materials used in this chapter were published in the book: Biostimulant Albit for increasing yields and protection of agricultures against diseases, A.K. Zlotnikov, Ed. Prof. . Melkumova. All-Russia Institute of Plant Protection, Russia, 2006.

Influence of Albit on vegetable marrows (squash) (Cucurbita pepo L.) was examined in trials of All-Russia Institute of Vegetable Selection and Seed Breeding (Moscow oblast) in 2001 on bunchy squash var. Gribovskiy (white squash). Seedlings of squash were planted according to scheme 100x100 cm, area of plots was 50 m², with triple replication. Squash was harvested in its technical ripeness. In result of treatment with Albit, squash acquired improved turgor and drought resistance. Also, Albit accelerated beginning of blossoming by 4-5 days, and increased number of seed-buds per one stem up to 4-6 (3-4 in control sets).

Yield of vegetable marrows in control sets was 402 centners/hectare on average. Albit provided yield increase by 121 centners/hectare (30.1%). Foliar sprayings appeared to be crucial for yield increase: only presowing seed treatment with Albit (2 ml/kg) without foliar sprayings provided yield increase of just 4.7%. According to results of All-Russia Institute of Vegetable Selection and Seed Breeding, squash gave one of the highest relative yield increases in response to Albit treatment among all other tested vegetables (cucumber, tomato, pepper and eggplant).


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